How long does the course take?

There are 2 main factors that will determine this. The waits at the local test centres and if you are passing first time or not. A normal wait for a part 1 test is 2-3 weeks. Part 2+3 tests can be 4-6 weeks. We have got people out on the road teaching within 12 weeks.

Where does the training take place?

Group training would be done at one of our training bases. The Silver, Gold and Platinum course, we come to you and pick up from home.

Can the training be done around my current commitments?

Yes, any one-to-one training courses can be done 7 days a week (Group training would be done on a Friday).

How much training do I get?

There is initially 2 days (6 hours per day) part 2 training and 6 days (6 hours per day) part 3 training. On our Gold and Platinum guaranteed pass courses if you fail either an attempt at part 2 or part 3 you would receive an additional days training free of charge before your next attempt.

Do you refund my course fee?

Yes, Your training could work out to be free if you take a 2 year standard or superior franchise and a Surepass car for 1 year – you would get all of your training fees back over the first 12 months.

What is your pass rate?

Over 90% of Surepass trainee instructors pass within 3 attempts.(current national pass rate for Part 3 is approximately 34%)

Would I need to pay again if I fail?

Our Gold and Platinum courses give you a guaranteed pass. If you fail we would train you again (receive silver course), free of charge, as many times as needed until you qualify as a driving instructor.

How much are the test fees?

Test fees are payable to the DVSA. Part 1 test is £83. Part 2 & 3 are £111 each. If you fail then you must pay to take another attempt. Surepass would pay for up to 3 attempts at each test, if needed, on our Platinum course.

How many times can I sit the tests?

You can sit the Part 1 test as many times as needed until you pass. You are only allowed to sit up to 3 attempts at Part 2 and 3 – If you fail either of these tests 3 times you would need to start again.

If I train with Surepass do I have to join the driving school?

No, although there is a guaranteed position within the driving school once qualified you are not obliged to join us once qualified.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end?

Yes, there is a guaranteed position within the driving school once you qualify.

What is a trainee licence and do you offer them?

Yes, we offer trainee licences. A trainee licence is a 6 month licence to teach. You will need to have passed your Part 2 test and completed the Part 3 training to qualify for a trainee licence. It will allow you to teach pupils and gain experience before sitting the part 3 test.

How much are licence fees?

The licence (badge) fees are payable to the DVSA. A trainee licence (pink badge) is currently £140 and valid for 6 months. A qualified licence (green badge) is currently £300 and valid for 4 years.

Are there any additional charges for pupils I receive from Surepass?

No, Surepass do not charge a commission for pupil generation fee on top of the franchise fee.

Do you guarantee pupils?

Yes, all Surepass franchises come with a written guarantee of pupils.