“Expert training and guidance”


“I have just passed my ADI Part 2 driving test today at Atherton with CLEAN SHEET.

This is due to the expert training and guidance from my trainer , Vicki Hulse. Without her 2 days training which was full of laughter , frustration and the feeling of why am I here , I put into practise what Vicki had taught me and came away with cracking result.

Test nerves were there , but kept under control , just. I never once rested my arm on the door , just picturing Vicki sat next to me was enough , without the gentle telling off that would follow. Some ideas to stop this included Duct tape and upside down tacks on my door, and we will leave it there .

She is a cracking trainer and has certainly reignited my passion for driving , teaching and boosted my confidence.

Thankyou Vicki and Surepass , I’m now looking forward to my Part 3 training.


Andy Collins, Cheadle, Stockport, Cheshire